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Strategy and Fund

What is an objective-based strategy?

What should I expect from my investment in grow?

Information about Schroders

Who is Schroder Investment Management Australia Limited?

Who is the issuer of the PDS?

Investing in GROW

What price will I be buying or selling GROW at?

What is a market maker?

How liquid are units in GROW?

Should I expect to receive dividend / income distributions?

Can I reinvest my income distribution?

What is the difference between the way a share pays a dividend and the way GROW pays a distribution?

Is there a buy-sell spread?

How do I invest? Is there a minimum investment amount?

How do I withdraw my money from GROW?

Can I switch from the Schroder Real Return CPI Plus 5% Fund into GROW?

Can I margin lend into GROW?

Comparing GROW to other fund structures

How is the GROW active ETF different from the unlisted Schroder Real Return CPI Plus 5% Fund, mFund, passive ETFs and listed investment companies (LICs)?

Will there be a difference in performance between GROW and the Schroder Real Return CPI Plus 5% Fund?


How has GROW performed?

Risks and disclosures

What are the risks of investing in GROW?

What disclosures do you provide?

What fees do I incur investing in GROW?

Other Information

What are the tax implications of investing in GROW?

I don’t have a stockbroker. How do I find one?

What is a product disclosure statement (PDS)?

How will I stay up to date with my investments?

Who do I contact for more information?