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The Schroder Real Return (Managed Fund) aims to smooth your investment journey in four ways.

What is objective-based investing?

Objective-based investing starts with the objective in mind rather than some arbitrary benchmark index or strategic allocation. It is generally focused on generating a return above Australian inflation (which is referred to as a ‘real’ return).

Why diversify?

Given the unpredictability of markets, diversifying your investments is crucial to delivering more reliable returns. Many investor portfolios tend to have high exposures to the same themes, low protection from certain risks and overall little true diversification.

True diversification is a portfolio with a broad range of exposures. As the saying goes: “Don’t put all your eggs in one basket.”


For years investors have been taught that the more risk you take on, the greater the potential returns on your investment.

While this is generally true over the very long term, there will always be periods where greater risk will detract from returns – as happens when share markets are falling. This can create significant variations in returns from year to year.

Given the unpredictability of markets, diversifying your investments across shares, corporate debt, bonds, property and cash around the world, is crucial to delivering more reliable returns.

To illustrate this point, we have created the “Multi Asset Sorter” which shows calendar-year returns for the major asset classes available to an Australian investor.

Why the traditional approach of using a fixed strategic-asset allocation is flawed?

At Schroders, we believe there are two significant downsides to using a fixed strategic asset allocation.



The difference timing can make - an example

Why does the year you were born matter?


As a way of introducing the concept of the difference timing can make when investing, let’s consider the hypothetical examples of Ray, Mardi and Chris using historical data.

The only difference is when they were born, or specifically when they started investing. Ray started in 1919, Chris started in 1935 and Mardi began in 1958. The chart shows their average return over 40 years and their multiple of final salary. While Ray and Mardi achieved an average real rate of return close to 6% p.a. Chris’ average return barely broke 2% p.a.

Sequencing risk

This example highlights the impact of ‘sequencing risk’, the term that describes the impact a large negative return can have on superannuation balances as you near retirement. So while Ray and Mardi achieved similar returns over their careers, Mardi retired with a larger nest egg as the sequence of her returns was more favourable because the largest positive returns occurred closer to her retirement when her portfolio balance was large.
The lesson is investors need to be wary of sudden shifts in investment markets that could occur as they near retirement. It shows why it is so important to protect your investments against sudden market falls, as occurred during the Global Financial Crisis.

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