Schroder Real Return Fund

The Schroder Real Return Fund aims to achieve a return of CPI1 plus 4% to 5% p.a. before fees over rolling 3-year periods while minimising the incidence and size of negative returns in doing so.

The Fund stands in contrast to the traditional multi-asset investment approaches which construct investment portfolios around relatively static asset allocations. Such portfolios implicitly assume that the valuation or relative risk and return of different asset classes are stable through time but the reality is they are not.

The Fund ranges across three broad asset groups, being Growth (typically shares and property securities), Diversifying (typically higher yielding debt and some alternatives) and Defensive assets (typically investment grade debt securities and cash), providing the flexibility required to allocate effectively and efficiently to those assets that in combination are most closely aligned with the delivery of the objective.

A multi-faceted risk management framework is incorporated in the decision making process to mitigate inherent downside risks within the Fund. The resulting Fund is diversified across a broad array of risk premia, assets and securities, which leaves it well placed to achieve its objective in different environments.