Simon Doyle

Head of Fixed Income & Multi-Asset



12JUL 2019

Beware the ‘recency effect’ as the bull market draws to a close

Investors tend to remember the most recent events with more clarity and accuracy than those that have occurred in the past. With markets setting new record highs investors are upbeat and quickly forgetting the market volatility of 2018. This ‘recency effect’ risks seeing investors take on more risk at precisely the wrong time as headwinds to the recent bull market continue to build.



13FEB 2019


US: Fed and economy downgrade play key roles

With the US Fed recognising the need to pay attention to inflation risk and an overheating economy by relaxing the talk of rate rises, and a downgrade in the economic outlook, the start of 2019 has been led by a rebound in equity markets.



12DEC 2018


November positives hard to come by

As equities continued to meander towards the end of the year down almost all across the board, oil prices negating inflation risk and geopolitical uncertainty in the US and UK means that there were few places for investors to hide.


14NOV 2018


Equity-led drops not yet the return of a bear

While October proved true to form as a month where market crashes tend to happen, we’re not yet entering a buying phase beyond tactical moves. We believe there are further falls to come and will continue to monitor for a re-entry point.


22OCT 2018

Videos: Webconferences

Countdown to recession webcast

While the strength of the US economy may make talk of recession appear premature, we believe the countdown clock has started.

12OCT 2018


Testing times ahead

The individual components of the multi-asset strategy — including credit exposure and stock selection — helped protect the funds against bumpy Australian equity performance and tightening credit spreads this quarter. Its positioning also prepares it to react against activity from the US, either in politics, or markets.

11OCT 2018

Videos: Fund Manager Q&A’s

Not the time for a big position in equities

Livewire sat down with Simon Doyle, Head of Fixed Income & Multi-Asset at Schroders, and asked him how he would allocate a million dollars today. In his responses to this tough question he made it clear that it’s not a good time to be building a big position in equities.

08OCT 2018


Pioneers of objective-based investing: how the idea came to life

Simon Doyle and Simon Stevenson launched the Schroder Real Return CPI+5% Fund 10 years ago this month — one of the first objective based multi-asset funds Australia. In this article they discuss launching amid the GFC, and how this style of investing comes into its own during times of volatility.