Fixed Income

15AUG 2019

Do central banks need to change regimes?

Central bank groupthink across the world means that although inflation targeting has largely worked over the past three decades, effectiveness has waned and become marginal.

Fixed Income

14AUG 2019



12AUG 2019

Investment Insights

Two common errors that investors make…and how to overcome them

Understanding compounding and portfolio rebalancing could have helped investors overcome emotion-driven decisions during a turbulent six months for stock markets. Duncan Lamont shares why.

09AUG 2019

Australian Equities

‘You’re the star’ – the parallel between yield stocks and The Truman Show

In a political and economic landscape where extremes are the new normal separating signals from noise is important. We review recent market events and juxtapose the suite of yield stocks to The Truman Show.


26JUL 2019

Fixed Income

The downgrade risks facing passive investment grade bondholders

Passive credit investors could be facing significant downgrade losses when the next economic downturn hits. Active managers, however, have the flexibility to manage these risks more efficiently.

15JUL 2019

Investment Insights

Why growth stocks look vulnerable

The divergence between growth and value parts of the market has been extreme and could be due a turnaround. Written by Rory Bateman, Global Head of Equities.

12JUL 2019

Fixed Income

Central banks running out of levers to pull

The decision by the RBA to cut rates to a new historic low of 1% officially puts Australia in the low rates club, but can the push by central banks to lower rates stabilise global growth? Extreme events – either recession or a sharp uptick in growth – seem unlikely in the near term.

12JUL 2019


Beware the ‘recency effect’ as the bull market draws to a close

Investors tend to remember the most recent events with more clarity and accuracy than those that have occurred in the past. With markets setting new record highs investors are upbeat and quickly forgetting the market volatility of 2018. This ‘recency effect’ risks seeing investors take on more risk at precisely the wrong time as headwinds to the recent bull market continue to build.

12JUL 2019

Videos: Fund Manager Q&A’s

Q2 overview: central banks, currency, and risks in US growth stocks

Q2 overview: central banks, currency, and risks in US growth stocks