Investment Insights

09DEC 2019

Outlook 2020: Securitised credit

Signs of consumer stress mean securitised credit investors should be especially alert to quality and liquidity in the coming year.

Investment Insights

09DEC 2019



03DEC 2019

Fixed Income

The changing Australian debt landscape

In a low-yield, low-growth world, fixed income is set to become even more important as a source of reliable cashflow and as a portfolio stabiliser. Stuart Dear shares why active management is likely to prove essential as beta falls and alpha becomes harder to capture.


26NOV 2019

Videos: Webconferences

How value investing can provide diversification for your clients

Simon Adler, Co-Manager of the Schroder Global Recovery Fund shares insights into where his team are seeing opportunities in markets and how value investing can provide true diversification in global equities for Australian investors.

07NOV 2019

Australian Equities

Finding sustainable returns in the Afterpay economy

With capital cheap and plentiful, ‘buy now, pay later’ seems an eminently logical strategy. But will it prove sustainable when the time comes to pay? Or is the perpetual growth machine ready to stall?


31OCT 2019

White Papers

Sustainable Investment Report Q3

The threat of a climate catastrophe is escalating. Economic expansion, rising consumption and growing resource use were always going to create problems in the context of finite natural resources and a constrained planet. Those problems are becoming more acute and the impacts unavoidable. By 29 July, humanity had used the planet’s resource budget for the whole of 2019, marking a new earliest date for “Earth overshoot day” the third year in a row.

25OCT 2019

Investment Insights

A primer on securitisation

What we refer to as securitised debt is known by many names: structured products, structured finance, securitised credit, or it can be known by its acronyms, ABS, MBS, CMBS, and CLO1 to name a few. With this many monikers, it’s no wonder that this area of finance is considered more complex than ‘traditional’ fixed income.

16OCT 2019

Fixed Income

Adjusting expectations as reality bites

They say optimists live longer – but what about their investments? Although a US recession still seems some time away, and trade tensions have been lessening, there are still good reasons for investors to consider a defensive posture while re-examining their return expectations.

16OCT 2019


From quant quake to repo crisis – when virtuous cycles turn

In the midst of a tranquil September, a sudden market reversal and a liquidity shock were fleeting but potent warning signs for a market still riding high on central bank support.