Schroder GAIA

A regulated, liquid and transparent way for clients to invest in hedge fund strategies within a UCITS framework. The platform combines the strength of Schroders (an experienced and established UCITS manager) and a select group of top quality hedge fund managers with proven track records.

Funds on the platform

Schroder GAIA Two Sigma Diversified
A US equity market neutral and global systematic macro trading strategy that aims to deliver uncorrelated alpha with controlled volatility across a wide range of market environments. The strategy's philosophy is based on a combination of utilising vast data, world-class computing power and the expertise of over 600 modellers and engineers.

Schroder GAIA BlueTrend is a trend following strategy that invests across a broad range of markets, including equities, bonds, commodities, interest rates and currencies. The fund aims to generate long-term net returns of 10-15%* per annum in any market environment.
Schroder GAIA BSP Credit is a US focused credit long short strategy which aims to deliver 5-7% net of fees, with reduced volatility during all phases of the credit cycle. The strategy has shown very low correlation to credit and equity indices and aims to maximise expected returns while limiting downside risk.
Schroder GAIA Paulson Merger Arbitrage
Managed by John Paulson, Schroder GAIA Paulson Merger Arbitrage can help investors generate above average returns with low volatility and limited market correlation.

Schroder GAIA Sirios US Equity
A fundamental equity long short UCITS fund, with an emphasis on capital preservation in down markets. The fund focuses on mid to large cap equities, primarily in the US, with allocations in Europe and Asia. 

Schroder GAIA Helix
Schroder GAIA Helix is a multi-strategy hedge fund that seeks to deliver an optimal blend of Schroders' alpha. This market neutral fund aims to deliver robust returns, with low correlation to equity markets and low drawdown characteristics, with a focus on alpha generation. 

 * Please note performance is a target and is not guaranteed