Focused Products

Investing with Schroders means gaining access to a global range of strategies covering a broad array of asset classes across multiple regions, which allows investors to diversify their investments, manage their risk and can help maximize their returns.

Schroders' fixed income strategies span the risk return spectrum and can address a wide range of investment objectives, income considerations and tax challenges, covering:

Global & International

Emerging Market Debt Relative
Global Aggregate Bond
Global Credit
Global High Yield
Global Strategic Bond

Domestic Taxable

US Core Fixed Income
US Core Plus Fixed Income
US High Yield
Value Core
Value Long Duration
Value Short Duration

Value Tax-Aware

Value Tax-Aware

Domestic Tax-Exempt

US Intermediate Municipal Bond
US Short-Term Municipal Bond
US Ultra Short-Term Municipal Bond

The Schroders Multi-Asset team believes in taking an outcome-oriented approach to meet our clients’ needs. Our Multi-Asset strategies include:

Diversified Growth

Global Multi-Asset Income

Strategic Beta

Schroders offers a variety of alternative investment solutions to help meet the investors' diversification needs. Our strategies include:


Emerging Market Debt Absolute Return