Market Views: Equities

18SEP 2019

Has value investing been disrupted?

A disrupted company can still be a good investment if the price is low enough.

Market Views: Equities

18SEP 2019

Market Views: Equities

17SEP 2019



13SEP 2019

Market Views: Equities

Why Europe is fertile hunting ground for income-seeking investors

In a world of low bond yields, many investors struggle to extract a decent income from their portfolios, but European shares could be a potentially attractive option.

05SEP 2019

Market Views: Multi-Asset

Monthly markets review - August 2019

A look back at markets in August when shares declined and bonds outperformed amid rising concerns over the outlook for growth.

03SEP 2019

Market Views: Equities

Ten things every investor needs to know about offshore wind power

As offshore wind approaches cost competitiveness, the potential for growth is huge. What does this mean for investors?

02SEP 2019

Market Views: Equities

How will global disruption affect small cap stocks?

Investors are increasingly being drawn to smaller companies due to their ability to navigate the growing theme of disruption.


19AUG 2019

Market Views: Equities

Are we running out of time in the race against climate change?

This year, we have used up earth’s annual resource budget earlier than ever before. Have we turned up too late to win the race against climate change?

15AUG 2019

Market Views: Equities

What do “lower for longer” interest rates mean for value investors?

Low interest rates have lengthened this economic cycle and encouraged risky investment behaviour.

13AUG 2019

Market Views: Equities

Argentinian markets tumble as political uncertainty returns

Argentinian assets have fallen dramatically following the surprise result of the country’s primary elections. Our equity and bond fund managers share their views on what might lie ahead.