2021 Asset Allocation Index Research Results


Here are some of the key findings:

Asset Allocation

  • Most likely to be causing concern are: Public equities, Real estate, Domestic fixed income and Global fixed income
  • Most likely to increase: Infrastructure, Private equity and Real estate
  • likely decrease: Domestic fixed income, global fixed income, and Public equities
  • Asset allocation is being driven by: Return seeking (79%), followed by liability hedging, 45% and liquidity management, 45%

Private Assets

Overall, most plans include:

  • Real Estate (90%) Infrastructure equity (87%) Private Equity (77%) Private Debt (75%) and Hedge Funds (50%) held with an average of 8.0% of the plan
  • Of the private assets measured plans are more likely to increase or maintain allocations than decrease.



Over three quarters of plans (78%) see ESG as important.

  •  Overall, 42% of plans have made changes related to sustainable investing
  •  The most cited changes are: Renewable energy investments/green initiatives, Global equity ESG, Fossil Fuel free


  • Diversification was the highest attribute for investing in Multi-asset, followed by dynamic asset allocation, and absolute return/benchmark agnostic objectives


Senior Canadian DB pension or Foundation/Endowment executives –Drawn from CLC’s extensive list
Further Screeners
                Plans of $250M+
                Managed at least in part externally
                Without an OCIO
# of completes: 38
Length of survey: 12 minutes
Fielding Dates: November 2020 – January 2021

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