Investing with Schroders means gaining access to a global range of funds covering a broad array of asset classes across multiple regions, which allows investors to diversify their investments, manage their risk and can help maximize their returns.

The Multi-Asset team consists of over 100 investment professionals located in key financial centers around the world. The team has over 40 years’ experience of partnering with clients to deliver exceptional results. We understand the variety of investment goals such as building and preserving wealth, generating income, protecting against inflation and mitigating portfolio risks. And we are dedicated to creatively developing solutions.

Our research is focused on developing a deep understanding of what drives risk and to ensure we are compensated for these risks. We have committed ourselves to this approach in order to enhance portfolio diversification and allocate assets with more precision.

Diversified Growth

Alternative Risk Premia

Sustainable Dynamic Balanced

Schroders offers a variety of alternative investment solutions to help meet the investors' diversification needs. Our strategies include:


European Real Estate

Global Property Securities

Infrastructure Finance

Insurance Linked Securities

Private Equity

UK Real Estate