Video: the firm whose new train emits only water

Let’s travel back to the early 20th century, when pollution wasn’t a concern and the popularity of steam trains was accelerating.

Reliant on coal, the rail industry was far from clean. It prioritised speed, price and luxury over environmental concerns.

In this, the latest in our MyStory series, we take a look at Alstom, a company at the heart of Europe’s journey to greener travel. Founded back in the 1920s, this French train builder was a key producer of steam engines.

Fast forward a few decades and it has moved from coal-fired to diesel trains, ventured into the energy sector and even building cruise ships. Now its back focused on rail travel... but this time with a sustainable agenda. 

In this video, Nicholette MacDonald-Brown tells us how Alstom's new hydrogen-powered train is an innovation that will see the company benefit financially while also having a positive impact on the planet.

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