Global Emerging Markets

23AUG 2016


EM debt: rich or risk?

Historical comparisons are likely to lead investors astray when considering emerging market debt.

22AUG 2016

Economic & Strategy Viewpoint

September 2016

In this month's Olympic-themed Viewpoint, we discuss the race for global growth, the eurozone’s bronze medal performance and the commendable, but not quite Olympic-standard, improvement in emerging markets.

11AUG 2016


Russian recovery rumbles on

Russian GDP improved in Q2 but the authorities need to address structural imbalances if the economy is going to grow strongly in a world of cheaper oil.

04AUG 2016


New Indian tax a boon for EM investors

India’s Goods and Services Tax (GST) should remove a wide range of distortions and inefficiencies, benefiting investment, growth, and tax revenues in the medium to long run.

02AUG 2016


60 seconds with Rajeev De Mello on the yields in EM

While so much of the bond market offers negative yields, emerging market debt is growing in attraction.


18JUL 2016


Record EMD asset class flows show shift in hunt for income

In this era of unprecedented asset price movements, we think investors should adapt their mindsets: they would be well served not to think of emerging markets as emerging markets.

15JUL 2016

Global Market Perspective

Q3 2016

Economic and asset allocation views covering Q3 2016. This includes a global trade research note, global strategy update on Brexit implications and a mid-year performance review.


06JUN 2016


US jobs data provides boost for EM debt and currencies

The slowdown in US jobs growth highlighted by Friday’s non-farm payroll data is a significant positive for emerging markets, their debt and their currencies.

02JUN 2016


Schroders Quickview: Brazilian recovery will take time and luck

Economic growth in Brazil should improve further if reform progress is made, although it is likely to plateau at a low level next year.