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Find out what our seven Zurich-based investment desks offer you.

Private Equity 1

Head | Rainer Ender

  • with Schroders for 4 years, having been with Adveq Holding for 18 years
  •  21 years finance industry experience
  • 100% focus on private equity
  • Global investment strategy targeted at specialised investment opportunities
  • Strong absolute and relative performance

BlueOrchard 1

CEO | Philipp Müller

  • with BlueOrchard for over 3 years
  • 16 years finance industry experience
  • Pioneer in microfinance and impact investing with proven 20 year track record
  • Manager of world’s first and largest commercial microfinance fund, offering impact investment solutions across asset classes
  • Experienced investment team with local presence in emerging and frontier markets

1 | part of Schroders Capital

Insurance-Linked Securities (ILS) 1

Head | Stephan Ruoff

  • with Schroders for 2 years
  • 25 years of finance industry experience, mostly in (re-)insurance
  • Great diversification – an independent and pure risk premium
  • ILS are very low duration fixed income
  • Fairly compensated asset class

Real Estate 1

Head | Roger Hennig

  • with Schroders for 12 years
  • 26 years finance industry experience
  • Attractive direct commercial real estate portfolios in Switzerland and Europe
  • Long-term management with convincing track record
  • Experienced investment and asset management teams with local presence

1 | part of Schroders Capital

Swiss & European Equities

Head | Stefan Frischknecht

  • with Schroders for 22 years
  • 27 years finance industry experience
  • Invest as long-term shareholders through a proven process
  • Convincing track record for the past 16 years
  • Expert team for small & mid caps; outstanding team stability

Convertible Bonds

Head | Peter Reinmuth

  • with Schroders for 7 years
  • 25 years finance industry experience
  • Downside protection is the first rule for wealth preservation
  • Long-established and proven track record
  • Highly dedicated and experienced investment team

Investment Wealth Management

Head | Giovanni Leonardo

  • with Schroders for 6 years
  • 26 years finance industry experience
  • Discretionary mandates
  • Advisory mandates
  • Private Equity – co-investments for private clients & private equity support for family offices

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