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Targeting higher active equity returns

Actively pursuing clients’ goals

Relying solely on a passive approach to investing in equities may not meet your clients’ real-world investment goals. We believe that an active investment strategy can be better placed to generate the higher returns often needed in today’s low growth environment. 

Growth potential

By using insight and experience to decide what investments make it into a fund, active managers have the potential to grow money faster than an index. They are also better placed to preserve your clients’ capital when market conditions deteriorate, as they have the potential to avoid certain stocks and sectors, unlike a passive fund. An active manager may make a decision that results in less growth than the index and there is always the possibility that your client may not get back the amount originally invested.

Talented investment specialists

Our success in active equity fund management is built on the ability to empower and support our fund managers to be among the best in the industry. We welcome challenge, encourage diversity of thought and recognise that real investment insight is hard to come by.  

Developing an investment edge

We go the extra mile to gain an investment edge. Our global research platform and proprietary technology are the keys to our success. Our Data Insights Unit, which helps inform investment decisions through unique analysis of information, and our Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) team together add a dimension unmatched by other fund managers.

Choices for growth

We have a wide range of actively managed equity products aiming to grow your clients’ money. From funds that can invest anywhere in the world to those focused on specific countries or investment themes, there are options to help meet a wide range of investment goals.

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