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Credit offers compelling opportunities

With yields still at extremely low levels, you have to make your assets work harder to generate attractive risk adjusted returns and income for your clients. This is particularly true for government bonds, where yields have dropped to unprecedented lows. In this environment, actively managed credit (or corporate bonds), is a potential source of higher returns, attractive income and diversification. 

Intelligent precision

With thousands of issuers to select from, credit is a hugely diverse and growing asset class. To harness the strongest opportunities, while avoiding pitfalls, credit funds need to be managed with intelligence and precision. To do this effectively, and act on ideas quickly, takes in depth, forward-looking research and experience. 

Global viewpoint

In a connected and interdependent world, a global perspective is vital in making the best decisions. We have approximately 100 credit experts based in nine locations worldwide who provide local insight and expertise. Our credit teams are part of a multi-discipline research platform at Schroders, who can draw on the knowledge of our in-house experts within equities, ESG, commodities, property, etc.  

Scale with flexibility

We have the right level of resources to ensure that each opportunity is analysed in depth, the return potential evaluated and the risks assessed. Yet we retain the flexibility to move quickly and act with conviction, aiming to deliver value at each stage of the business cycle. 

Diverse range of options

Schroders has a lengthy history of building robust corporate debt portfolios for clients looking for growth, diversification and income.

We have one of the most diverse credit offerings in the market. We listen to your needs and offer a diverse range of strategies that are purpose-built to deliver value for an array of outcomes that span geographic regions, markets and risk levels, designed to deliver the outcomes required by you and your clients.

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