Private Assets

Accessing specialist investment opportunities

A different source of return

Private assets are investments that are typically not publicly listed and traded. Because of this, they can often have lower volatility than their public counterparts, offer diversification benefits and uncorrelated returns. Investors, or their managers, generally need specialist relationships to access these types of assets.

As an alternative source of return, private assets can help to diversify investment portfolios and offer potential capital growth to help meet long-term goals.

Long-term themes and opportunities

Private assets are a broad range of investment types and opportunities.

These asset classes offer the potential for attractive income or capital growth, but may be difficult to access through traditional approaches.

Each area of private assets has different performance drivers, so returns may not move in line with mainstream stock markets. They also have high minimum investment levels and may be complex and illiquid, so detailed knowledge is important.

At Schroders, we understand that the private nature of transactions in these assets makes them more complex and less liquid than publicly listed assets. We therefore focus on private assets where the underlying investments can generate cash flows that we can calculate and analyse.

Infrastructure Finance

Accessing future economic development

Insurance-Linked Securities

Investing in insurance

Private Equity

Tapping higher-growth companies

Real Estate

Investing in bricks and mortar

Securitised Credit

Alternative credit opportunities

Private Asset Solutions

A portfolio-based approach

Why Schroders for private assets?

When investing in private assets, it is important to choose a strong and stable partner that can provide unrivalled expertise and the right set of solutions.

Schroders has a long track record of investing in private assets and a broad platform on which we provide investors access with a full range of investment choices. We believe the best approach to investing in private assets is to take a long-term view and only select those that offer the best risk-reward profile after conducting thorough due diligence.


Investing in private assets requires knowledge and experience. Our investment professionals are specialists in their respective areas of the private assets landscape, working to find opportunities, long-term trends and themes that can complement equity and bond portfolios. We have a consistent process of deploying investor capital and apply an institutional level of governance across every investment.


We take a solutions-based approach to private assets, providing our investors with a range of options that have the potential to provide higher returns, lower risk and add diversification to portfolios. Through our size and scale, we can offer a truly diverse range of capabilities across private assets.

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