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The low interest rate environment makes it difficult for savers to meet their return ambitions without stepping out of deposits and becoming investors in riskier assets. This challenge puts an increasing spotlight on solution design and risk management. Schroders has a long history of finding intelligent solutions to help investors better manage risk in their portfolios. 

The risk and return conundrum

When investing, perceptions of risk are as unique as each client. We take care to understand client needs and the investment risks faced – whether it is the risk that inflation will erode returns, or that clients will outlive their wealth, or that stock markets will sell off rapidly leading to capital losses. Our experienced teams ensure that we understand the risks inherent in every investment solution we make, with the aim of increasing the predictability of outcomes for our clients. 

At the cutting edge of risk management

We draw on our knowledge and experience across the globe to partner with our clients. We jointly build “real world” solutions to enable clients to build confidence that their savings goals will be met. Our cutting edge proprietary systems have been built from the ground up. Our capabilities across sustainable investing, systematic risk management, data analysis and insights give us an edge in building solutions and managing risk in our funds.

Integrated approach

Risk management is integrated into our analysis of individual securities and total portfolios. Our solutions are designed to help target specific outcomes and address specific risks. At each stage, we undertake in-depth analysis in order to get a better understanding of our clients’ potential key risks, their savings aims and how the combination can be managed effectively.   

Funds that better match goals

Building investment solutions for our clients is integral to what we do. It’s embedded into all of our funds, no matter whether they invest in equities, bonds, property or alternatives, in one country or on a global basis. 

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