20AUG 2019

UK commercial property: Brexit and beyond

The biggest surprise since the 2016 referendum has been the strength of tenant demand, particularly for office space



25JUL 2019


Goodbye to banking – as we know it

FinTech is transforming banking in developed markets like the UK, US and Europe – but its effects in the developing markets of Asia and Africa are likely to be even more radical

18JUL 2019


Lower for longer: finding the long-term "natural" rate of interest

For years commentators have wrongly predicted a return to higher rates of interest. Now, as central banks switch back into a rate-cutting mode, there is a wider expectation that rates will remain low for the long-term

03JUL 2019


Growth more fragile, valuations no longer cheap

How we are positioning portfolios in the face of persistent political risk and slowing global growth

03JUL 2019


Technology - the front line in a new "cold war"?

Tensions between the US and China are not just about trade. Washington’s real fear is China’s rising influence in global technology


28MAY 2019

Talking points

The benefits – and burdens – of inheriting a family treasure

Precious family heirlooms, whether in the form of art collections, jewellery or property, pose unique challenges in terms of inheritance planning

23MAY 2019

Talking points

In three charts: the explosive investment in solar

The phenomenon of solar energy was first observed over a century ago, but serious investment in installations is only just beginning


23APR 2019

Economic & Strategy Viewpoint

Sustainability: the process that underpins our fund selection

We select investment funds on the basis that they will deliver long-term positive returns. To do that, we have developed a unique and rigorous process that includes assessing a fund manager's approach to sustainability

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