Asset Management

Asset Management

With more than 4.4 billion euros of assets under management in the DACH-region, we have a clear focus: securing stable cash flow and sustainable added value. Our asset managers are sector specialists with complimentary experience and skill sets.

As trusted managers of an extensive portfolio, we have direct access to the leading retail organisations and a sound understanding of office tenant profiles. We focus on active “hands on” and efficient letting activities in close cooperation with tenants in order to ensure cash flow stability and value appreciation for our clients.

At the same time, we place emphasis on medium and long-term property value appreciation and establish value-added concepts and manage their implementation in the context of refurbishments, modernisations and improved positioning. We constantly analyse cash flow and identify potentials of additional revenue and cost optimisation measures. We analyse value added strategies and propose these to our clients as options for action. Be it expansion of lettable area, the development of additional third-party revenues or sustainability projects — it takes creativity and experience and our team can offer both. We develop the options for action, prepare a concrete implementation concept and analyse profitability based on time and cost planning. Our asset management team works closely with our research team identifying opportunities for rental growth and monitoring market characteristics. Sector, industry and market specific intelligence and trend analysis are important aspects of our work.

Our tasks also comprise the implementation of cost reduction measures and efficient selection and supervision of management services (e.g. technical, bookkeeping, environment, taxes, legal affairs).

Commercial property management services including tenant relationship, bookkeeping and general property oversight are offered on a case-by-case basis to ensure full control and timely delivery of reporting (exclusively linked with asset management mandates).


Kustermann Park , Munich
Before redevelopment


Kustermann Park , Munich
After redevelopment

Real Estate and Financial Reporting

Pro-active and strategic planning requires a sound basis of information. Whether it is cash flow modelling, budget and multi-annual planning, monthly or quarterly reporting.

Based on the information needs and reporting requirements of our clients, we provide tailor-made reporting on an institutional quality level regularly and on time. The reporting gives our clients a transparent and concise overview of the performance development for individual properties and portfolios (including target/performance comparison and key figures) from a real estate and financial perspective, so that status and required decisions are easy to determine.

The reports also provide information regarding market development on the tenant and investment markets, the assessments of further investments (including profitability analysis) as well as debt financing/ bank reporting.

We prepare analyses regarding the benefits and feasibility of value added approaches (e.g. expansions, modernisations, repositioning, sustainability investments) and conduct stress tests (in line with client requirements). We thereby take into account the risk management and compliance-relevant aspects for our institutional clients.

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Schroder Real Estate provides its customers with a wide range of pan-European real estate products such as open and closed real estate funds, special funds and fund of funds or listed REITs and real estate equity funds.