Strategic Research Framework

Strategic Research Framework

Fundamental research is central to our real estate investment process. Schroders has a dedicated and experienced real estate research team which monitors and forecasts trends in commercial real estate across Europe and works closely with fund-, transactions- and asset managers leveraging our local networks and knowledge. The team benefits from it’s close relations with Schroders research team, the wealth of information from all areas of financial markets Schroders is active in and access to a significant amount of real estate market data from external, specialist sources.   

This team monitors and forecasts cyclical movements in demand, supply and pricing in occupier and investment markets, as well as the impact of new infrastructure, structural changes like online retail, new technology, sustainability, urbanisation or climate change – megatrends that fundamentally impact our societies, economies and real estate.  

The insights from the research team are used to develop and enhance investment strategies, shape the portfolios by targeting particular sectors and assets which in aggregate are designed to meet, or exceed the portfolio’s investment objective. The team’s insights support the financial modelling and due diligence process and ultimately the investment committee’s decisions. The importance and central role is underlined by the Head of Research’s role as a member of the Investment Committee. The team also provides in-depth performance analysis and supports risk analysis and reporting and regularly communicates and explains trends and strategies to our clients.


Commercial Portfolio,
Pagodum, Munich, Germany


Commercial Portfolio,
Syngenta, Stein, Switzerland

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