Schroders’ Assessment of Value Reports

Fund managers, such as Schroders, are now required by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) to complete an Assessment of Value Report annually for each UK-domiciled retail and institutional investment fund that they manage

The report gives investors detailed information on a range of areas. This can help you to assess the value that an investment fund provides and to decide whether it remains suitable for your needs.

At Schroders, our approach is to split our funds into two reports every year. We publish one report for our Core Asset Management funds in April and one for our Wealth Management funds in October.

We have now published our fourth such Assessment of Value report for our Core funds, aimed at individuals who invest in our UK domiciled Retail and Institutional investment funds or their advisers. This year’s report covers 82 funds and uses data as at 31st December 2022. The previous year’s full report can still be accessed below:

Assessment of Value Reports 

SUTL Retail and Institutional investment funds 
(Published April annually) 

SUTL Wealth Management investment funds 
(Published October annually) 






*Note, this report was amended in May 2023 to correct the ongoing charge figure (OCF) referenced in the comparable markets rates section in the individual reports of 30 of the 82 funds (along with correcting certain other minor inconsistencies) although the outcome of our assessment in this area for each of these funds has not changed.