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Outlook 2020

11DEC 2019

Outlook 2020: Multi-asset

Bond yields and economic growth are likely to remain subdued in 2020, with equities remaining relatively attractive, according to Johanna Kyrklund.



05NOV 2019

Managers' views

Amid elevated volatility, where do opportunities lie?

In the near term, we believe volatility is likely to remain elevated as markets react to the shifting messages from US-China talks.


25OCT 2019

Thought Leadership

Five factor investing mistakes - and how to navigate them

It's not been plain sailing for factor investing in recent years, but we've identified some ways to improve the chances of its success.

22OCT 2019

Managers' views

Four charts that show why “old tech” might surprise income investors

What happens when tech grows up?

14OCT 2019

Managers' views

Is gold the place to hide from negative yields?

Has gold could once again become the main hedge of choice as negatively yielding debt becomes increasingly common.


28AUG 2019

Video Webcast

Market movers: Looking beyond economic debates

Simon Doyle, Head of Multi-Asset & Fixed Income, Australia, shares his views on the key market highlights in Q2 2019.


20MAY 2019

Video Webcast

60 seconds on multi-asset outlook: equities to grind higher

In this short video, Johanna Kyrklund, Global Head of Multi-Asset Investments, explains why she favours US and emerging market equities and expects stocks to continue to rise.

17MAY 2019

Thought Leadership

Multi-Asset Investments: The practical considerations of ESG in multi-asset portfolios

We discuss the five practical issues asset owners need to address when implementing a sustainability budget for environmental, social and governance (ESG) considerations in multi-asset portfolios.