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16OCT 2019

Has value investing been disrupted?

A disrupted company can still be a good investment if the price is low enough.



03OCT 2019

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Six reasons global cities could save the world

Far from being a contributor to climate change, cities may actually provide the solution to tackling the world’s most pressing issue.

03OCT 2019

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How will the consumption tax rise affect Japan's economy?

In a weak global environment, the tax increase underlines Japan’s long-term fiscal challenges.


27SEP 2019

Managers' views

Factors every investor needs to know about offshore wind power

As offshore wind approaches cost competitiveness, the potential for growth is huge. What does this mean for investors?

25SEP 2019

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Will electric cars create shocking losses or supercharge profits?

Many investors are worried that the switch to electric could hurt the profits of car-makers. Few have considered how the industry may stand to benefit.

18SEP 2019

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How long will you live and what does it mean for your investments?

Latest life expectancy data shows that your money will need to last a lot longer than you might be thinking.

17SEP 2019

Managers' views

Global economy: teetering on the edge

The trade tensions are taking a toll on the outlook for the world economy and following the latest escalation of tensions we are downgrading our forecasts.

09SEP 2019

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Why we’re at a tipping point for clean energy

Renewable energy has been around for a while but there are now three drivers working together to speed up the transition away from fossil fuels.