Schroder Asian Asset Income Fund

Active allocation for an exceptional view

How to cope with a dynamic economic environment? Schroder Asian Asset Income Fund brings together high yielding stocks and bonds using active asset allocation and risk management approaches. This fund makes available multiple currencies and monthly distributing share classes (Dividends are not guaranteed and may be paid out of capital)* to cater to different needs.

Asian assets offer attractive valuation

Dividend equities could benefit after interest-rate hike cycle

Active asset allocation improves potential returns and manages risks

Looking ahead, as growth in US starts to moderate and the US Federal Reserve becomes less hawkish, the US dollar may become weaker, which could unlock the valuation potential of Asian assets. Historically, Asian equities tend to perform well when the US dollar weakens, as fund flows into the region offering higher growth potential.

Source: Bloomberg, 25 January 2019.

As the expectation of interest rate hike adjusts lower, high dividend equities could become attractive again. High dividend stocks have historically outperformed the broad market after interest-rate hike cycles. In the fund, we actively select companies offering attractive and sustainable dividends, but we also focus on valuation to avoid overpaying for dividends.

Source: Thomson Reuters, as of January 2019.

The fund’s active asset allocation strategy between Asian equities, Asian bonds, other asset classes and cash aims to capture investment opportunities in Asia in all market conditions. We look to increase exposure to equities and bonds to enhance potential returns as opportunities arise and hold cash to mitigate risks should markets reverse. The fund invests in a wide range of assets to earn returns for investors via active asset allocation in different economic cycles.

The exact asset allocation may deviate from the range mentioned above without prior notice to investors. Please refer to the relevant offering documents for details.

Why Schroders?

Strong experience and expertise

The Fund is managed by Schroders’ three top-class investment teams, namely the Multi-Asset team, the Asian ex-Japan equities team, and the Asian fixed income team. 


Data as of 31 December 2019

Extensive resources and insights

The three teams can leverage on Schroders’ resources of over 500 portfolio managers and analysts in the world for research and insights.


Data as of 31 December 2019

Recognition for superior performance

The teams have consistently won awards from renowned organizations, including Thomson Reuters Lipper Fund Awards and SCMP Fund Awards, for the superior performance in managing the multi-asset, Asian equities and Asian fixed income mandates.

*In respect of the distribution units, the manager will declare and pay monthly distributions. However, the distribution rate is not guaranteed. Distribution yield is not indicative of the return of the fund. Distribution may be paid from capital of the fund. Investors should note that where the payment of distributions are paid out of capital, this represents and amounts to a return or withdrawal of part of the amount you originally invested or capital gains attributable to that and may result in an immediate decrease in the value of units.

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