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22NOV 2019

Why “old tech” might surprise income investors

What happens when tech grows up?



20AUG 2019

Managers' views

What do “lower for longer” interest rates mean for value investors?

Low interest rates have lengthened this economic cycle and encouraged risky investment behaviour.


09JUL 2019

Managers' views

Why I’m backing a consumer comeback in Europe

The outlook for Europe may be less gloomy than many investors think.

09JUL 2019

Video Webcast

60 seconds on where's the value in European equities?

James Sym expects the value style to start outperforming growth later this year, and there is one unloved sector in particular he singles out.



11DEC 2018

Managers' views

Inescapable investment truths for the decade ahead

It seems clear to us that the world investors have got used to over the last few years is very different to the one we need to get accustomed to in the years to come.