Global Investor Study

04OCT 2019

Over half of Hong Kong investors want all funds to include sustainability factors

A majority of Hong Kong investors believe fund managers should be automatically investing sustainably.



25SEP 2019

Managers' views

Will electric cars create shocking losses or supercharge profits?

Many investors are worried that the switch to electric could hurt the profits of car-makers. Few have considered how the industry may stand to benefit.

16SEP 2019

Investing Daily

Five sustainable investing myths

Given the dramatic rise in popularity of sustainable investing, it’s perhaps no surprise that a few misconceptions have come along for the ride.

09SEP 2019

Managers' views

Why we’re at a tipping point for clean energy

Renewable energy has been around for a while but there are now three drivers working together to speed up the transition away from fossil fuels.


27AUG 2019

Managers' views

Infographic: Sustainability Q2 2019

In the latest sustainability report we provide an update on the current and future state of engagement and discuss how industries ranging from fashion, to aviation, to waste, will be transformed.

22AUG 2019

Managers' views

Is sustainable air travel an electric dream?

The electrification of small planes is an exciting development, but it won’t be anywhere near enough to offset aviation’s hefty carbon footprint.

21AUG 2019

Managers' views

Have investors missed the real revolution in electric vehicles?

Investors are focused on an anticipated boom in electric cars. The true acceleration in demand is happening elsewhere.

09AUG 2019

Managers' views

Can Amazon really be a climate change champion?

Amazon is not a company normally associated with meaningful strides towards a low carbon future.