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16AUG 2019

Economy on red alert with yield curve close to inversion

With yield curves close to inverting in the US and UK, Keith Wade, Chief Economist, explains the implications for the economy.

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14AUG 2019

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07AUG 2019



06AUG 2019

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What is “energy transition” and why does it matter to investors?

The switch to renewable energy is gathering pace and is likely to prove hugely disruptive.


31JUL 2019

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Bank of Japan officially enters the currency wars

The Bank of Japan’s stance at its July meeting is aimed at stopping the yen appreciating.

30JUL 2019

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Our multi-asset investment views - July 2019

We've upgraded Bunds this month, while we remain neutral on stocks as we await greater clarity on the economic picture.

30JUL 2019

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Infographic: A snapshot of the world economy

In this month's infographic we look at what is left in central banks' arsenals to tackle any future economic downturn.

26JUL 2019

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Draghi readies bazooka, but will it fire blanks?

The European Central Bank has inched towards additional stimulus, but its boost is likely to be marginal at best.

24JUL 2019

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Boris Johnson: the challenges faced by the new UK PM

The “do or die” Brexiteer will face enormous challenges from the outset as the UK’s new prime minister. We look at what his victory might mean.

17JUL 2019

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The only way is up for China’s economy

Chinese real GDP growth slowed to 6.2% year-on-year (y/y) in the second quarter, but the better data for June is an encouraging sign for activity in the third quarter.