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29MAY 2019

Can a 60/40 split portfolio deliver better outcomes?

For decades financial planners and investors have abided by the 60/40 rule and calculations made by Schroders illustrate why, but has it had its time?



22MAY 2019

Monthly Market View

Monthly markets review - April 2019

A look back at markets in April when stocks continued to move higher amid encouraging economic data.

21MAY 2019

Managers' views

Which stock markets look ‘cheap’ after strong performances in the first quarter of 2019?

Those who were brave enough to fight the emotional urge to sell during the carnage in markets which brought 2018 to a close have been richly rewarded in the first few months of 2019.

15MAY 2019

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What is the Green New Deal and what does it mean for investors?

The US Green New Deal is a highly ambitious project to tackle climate change and inequality, which we think represents a major shift in the way investors think about climate change.


30APR 2019

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Trash talk: why waste might not be wasted

With consumers showing few signs of cutting down on the waste they create, we look at how our rubbish can be used to produce energy and reduce the use of fossil fuels.

17APR 2019

Managers' views

The wall of money heading to Chinese bonds

Schroders explains the significance of the inclusion of Chinese RMB denominated bonds in global indices.

17APR 2019

Monthly Market View

Monthly Market View - March 2019

A review of Q1 2019 when equities rebounded, supported by market expectations that the Federal Reserve will not raise interest rates this year.

10APR 2019

Managers' views

14 years of returns: history’s lesson for investors

This graphic shows the best and worst performing assets each year since 2005. Schroders research illustrates why diversifying your investments matters.