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Global Investor Study

23AUG 2019

Less than one-sixth of Hong Kong investors held their nerve during 2018 stock market tumble, Schroders study finds

New global research shows that only 15% of Hong Kong investors said they stuck with their investment plans during the volatile three-month period at the end of 2018.



12AUG 2019

Monthly Market View

Monthly markets review - July 2019

A look back at markets in July when shares made a modest advance and all eyes were on the Federal Reserve meeting at the end of the month.


23JUL 2019

Investing Daily

Sharing the gain and the pain: managing finances as a couple

Money is one of those things that can spark off arguments in any relationship. So it makes sense to try and organise your finances in a way that’s likely to lead to the least discord.

18JUL 2019

Managers' views

A gentle touch on the tiller from the Fed?

The past month has seen a significant shift in interest expectations.

17JUL 2019

Managers' views

What is left in the central bank toolbox?

With low interest rates across developed markets, we revisit the policy options for central banks.

12JUL 2019

Managers' views

Emerging Markets: Cushioning the blow

Emerging markets (EM) have some advantages over their slower growing, low interest rate cousins in the developed world. Should a global slowdown arrive, they still have an arsenal of familiar weaponry to deploy.

10JUL 2019

Monthly Market View

Monthly markets review - June 2019

A look back at markets in Q2 when shares gained despite ongoing trade tensions.