Outlook 2020

13DEC 2019

Outlook 2020: Global economy

After a spell of weaker growth, the world economy looks set to pick up in 2020, extending one of the longest ever periods of expansion.

Outlook 2020

11DEC 2019

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06DEC 2019



21NOV 2019

Managers' views

Earnings is key to equity returns

The supportive tailwind from lower rates and tax cuts is likely to fade.

20NOV 2019

Managers' views

Have we reached a new tipping point in the battle to halt climate change?

The recent UN Climate Action Summit prompted significant commitments by countries, corporations and investors alike. However, more decisive action will be needed to achieve the targets set out in the Paris Agreement.

06NOV 2019

Managers' views

The "inescapable truths" one year on: what's changed?

A year ago we identified the disruptive and economic forces that we thought would shape the decade ahead for investors. These were our "inescapable truths". But do they still hold true?

06NOV 2019

Global Investor Study

The fund industry’s wake-up call: how Hong Kong investors want us to act

Sustainability has gone global. For companies, sustainability is no longer a “nice to have”, it’s an imperative.

05NOV 2019

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Amid elevated volatility, where do opportunities lie?

In the near term, we believe volatility is likely to remain elevated as markets react to the shifting messages from US-China talks.

01NOV 2019

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Can we avoid an energy crunch?

Huge investment is needed if we are to meet climate targets while still keeping the lights on. This creates opportunities for investors.


31OCT 2019

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Recovery hopes and de-leveraging cycles

Markets sense a turning point in global activity. Equities have rallied and sovereign bond yields have ticked up.