Global Investor Study 2018

Meet the expert global investor

Making the right investment decisions can sometimes feel daunting, with the challenge of getting the right mix of stability and potential profit always top of mind.

We spoke to over 22,000 people who invest, from 30 countries, to explore how they make investment decisions. We asked them to rate their investment knowledge from ‘rudimentary’ up to ‘expert’. We found that those who feel they have a higher level of investment knowledge look for stability but aren’t afraid to seize opportunities. How do you compare?

People appreciate the importance of spreading their investments across a well diversified portfolio, but are they actually doing this?

How diversified do people think their investment portfolio is?

Very well diversified

Not diversified enough

Quite well diversified

Not diversified at all


people who feel they have a higher level of investment knowledge consider their portfolio to be very well diversified

Those who feel they have higher levels of investment knowledge split their portfolio more evenly and limit the amount they hold in cash

Portfolio allocation for those who feel they have more investment knowledge




Property funds

Alternative investments


less cash held by those with more knowledge than those with the least knowledge

Thematic funds focus on companies active in particular areas. They hold great appeal for everyone, particularly those who feel they have a higher level of investment knowledge

Percentage of people interested in funds that focus on...

Expert / Advanced

Global average


more people with appetite for thematic investment funds among those with higher levels of investment knowledge (on average)

...and those with more knowledge are prepared to be more patient in seeking a return

How much longer people are prepared to hold on to thematic investments
(versus a standard investment fund)

...but that’s not to say they are overly cautious. Those with more knowledge take more risks with how they split their investments

Proportion of their portfolio people put in high risk investments

...and act quickly to seize the opportunity to invest more when the stockmarket goes down

Proportion of people who invest more in stockmarket related investments when the market drops

Schroders commissioned Research Plus Ltd to conduct, between 20th March and 23rd April 2018, an independent online study of over 22,000 people in 30 countries around the world, including Australia, Brazil, Canada, China, France, Germany, India, Italy, Japan, the Netherlands, Spain, UAE, the UK and the US. This research defines "people" as those who will be investing at least €10,000 (or the equivalent) in the next 12 months and who have made changes to their investments within the last 10 years.

60 Seconds with Claire Walsh

Watch Schroders’ Personal Finance Director, Claire Walsh speak about the findings of the 2018 Global Investor Study.

60 Seconds with Rupert Rucker

Watch Schroders’ Rupert Rucker, Head of Income Solutions speak about the findings of the 2018 Global Investor Study.

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