Managers' views

18SEP 2019

How long will you live and what does it mean for your investments?

Latest life expectancy data shows that your money will need to last a lot longer than you might be thinking.



31JUL 2018

Global Investor Study

Why 89% of Hong Kong investors keep investing after retirement

89% of Hong Kong investors continue to invest after retirement, according to Schroders Global Investor Study 2018.

25JUL 2018

Global Investor Study

The potential income shock awaiting pension savers

A global study of investor attitudes finds that those close to retirement expect to replace 74% of their salary when they give up work. The reality for those already retired is very different.


31MAY 2018


World pension ages on the rise: when will you retire?

Early retirement is many people’s dream. However, with the development of technology, life expectancies are rising, coupled with lower birth rates caused a growing demographic imbalance where there are fewer workers for every retired person, which has stretched public finances.

29MAY 2018


Can late boomers avoid retirement bust?

As the last of the baby boomers hit their 50s, they find themselves at a turning point in their lives, moving from the “earning and saving” to the “approaching retirement” phase.

25MAY 2018


Hong Kong retirees’ interest towards annuity

What can Hong Kong people do to save enough before they stop working, and achieve a comfortable retirement?

23MAY 2018


Can you experience a happy retirement?

Schroders Hong Kong recently undertook a retirement research based on interviews with 700 people who are approaching or already in retirement. Overall, participants aim to save an average of HK$2 million for retirement, and they expect to spend on average HK$12,800 per month when they stop working. Can this target achievable in reality?