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Strategy & economics

16JUL 2019

Infographic: A snapshot of the world economy in July 2019

In this month's infographic we look at what is left in central banks' arsenals to tackle any future economic downturn.



11MAR 2019

Strategy & economics

Global economic outlook: slowdown, not recession

We have cut our global GDP growth forecast again for 2019 but have revised up our prediction for 2020 amid greater optimism on the longer-term outlook.


08JAN 2019

Strategy & economics

Five key investment themes for 2019

Markets have entered 2019 in a state of heightened anxiety: these are the key factors on which concerns are now focused.

07JAN 2019

Strategy & economics

January 2019: Market Review & Outlook

Investors’ fears centre upon a weakening US and global economy. While data suggests US growth may have peaked, we still expect global growth in 2019 of almost 3%



14NOV 2018

Strategy & economics

Does a weakening housing market signal wider problems for the US economy?

Data suggests the US housing market is weakening, which is often a signal of wider slowdown. What does it mean this time round?

07NOV 2018

Strategy & economics

US midterms: what the outcome means for the US economy, trade and markets

President Trump may face battles passing certain legislation, but he will still be able to control trade policy


23OCT 2018

Strategy & economics

Where in the world would you pay the least tax?

Few families emigrate for tax reasons, but tax regimes differ greatly by country - and it's factor that needs consideration


10JUL 2018

Strategy & economics

July 2018: What next for interest rates and inflation?

In her latest Quarterly Investment Briefing Janet Mui, Global Economist, looks at how interest rates are set to move in coming months

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