Frequently asked questions

What is a Reksa Dana?

What is an Investment Management Company?

Who can invest in Reksa Dana?

How does Reksa Dana works?

May I know the main risks if we invest in Reksa Dana?

Why invest in Reksa Dana?

How are assests of Reksa Dana safeguarded?

How many types of Reksa Dana are managed by Schroders Indonesia?

Does Schroders Indonesia offer Reksa Dana products in US dollars currency?

Do these funds compute their Net Asset Value(NAV) daily and publish the NAV on daily basis?

Does the investor earn dividends on units of Reksa Dana they own?

Is there any tax on Reksa Dana?

How do I monitor the progress of my Investment?

How is performance of each Schroders Reksa Dana?

If we want to invest in Schroders Indonesia's Reksa Dana, what should we do?

What are the advantages if we subscribe through your agents(Banks)?

Does it require substantial funds New Block if investor want to invest in Reksa Dana?

What is the minimum amount for initial investment in the Schroders Reksa Dana?

How to subscribe Reksa Dana?

How to redeem Reksa Dana?

Can the investor do redemption,subscription and switching on a daily basis?

Is there any fee being charged for subscription,redemption and switching?