Schroder 90 Plus Equity Fund

Capturing New World Opportunities

The search for better investment return in the current disrupted environment can be daunting for investors. Schroder 90 Plus Equity Fund is an active equity fund with a minimum 90% allocation in stocks, designed to provide long term capital gain and attractive investment return potentials by capitalizing the growth of Indonesia capital market, especially to capture the opportunities in the new economy.

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Disruption Is Changing the World & Economy

Disruption emerged and it both open door for opportunities as well as pressure for business. Two mains disruptions are happening in our economy are:

Technology: Technology is continuing to develop and it has changed the way of doing business and reach customer. Business are finding ways to offer more efficient and impactful products and services. You have seen how the travel sectors offers their services online, fast growing marketplace platform as well as increasing number of virtual offices.

Sustainability: Rising awareness of sustainability form another disruption. Governments are seeking more sources of green energy, while corporations are requested to create positive impact to planet and society while making profit. There is a slow but sure transition to zero carbon fuel and change to greener sources in Indonesia. For example, we are seeing there is rising demand on electric vehicle and battery.

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Covid-19 Pandemic Speed Up the Adoption

The Covid-19 pandemic has helped speed up technology adoption and prompted change in behaviours of both business and consumers. The pandemic has pushed people to adopt the disruptions earlier.

Indonesians are spending more time online as the pandemic ensues. They have to shop, work and interact online. It also led to a surge in new internet users in Indonesia with likelihood of sickness. Hours spent online by Indonesians remained high after the lockdown reopening. Pandemic has also increase awareness in importance of sustainability practice in business and life. Business and people have to consider its impact to society and our planet.


Business Are Affected by Disruption

Survival of the fittest is filtering the business in the disrupted environment. Those who survives are businesses who wants to adapt to changes and they are shaping a new economy business. Included in this category are disruptors, enablers and adaptors.

The disrupted are those who cannot survive as their way of business have been disrupted and have reached the sunset phase of the lifecycle. However, there are also business who survive whose product and services are still needed and are less impacted. We call them as survivors.

Why Schroder 90 Plus Equity Fund?

Capturing the new economy opportunities in Indonesia

We are seeing market and economy restructuring is seen around the world including Indonesia. In 1Q21, the JCI was driven by new economy names. Among the top drivers are names that either directly or indirectly own operations that are proxy to the new economy such as digital and tech as well as sustainable and green energy. Indonesia’s digital economy is set to grow - Indonesia’s digital economy is set to reach 8.1% of GDP by 2025F. We believe that these new economies will keep rising.

Schroder 90 Plus Equity Fund is capturing this new economy opportunity by focusing in eventually adding names under Disruptors, Enablers, and Adaptors category which expected to optimize the investment return.


Potential Attractive Return

The fund is adopting active asset allocation strategy for managing risk & volatility. We actively and responsibly managing investments, doing research, including talking to companies which enable us to select potential stocks to optimize investment return. We also incorporating sustainable factors to complement the financial factors in our investment process to ensure that we give good impact and help to shape the better future for our society and planet.


Managed by stable and established team

The fund is managed by dedicated Schroders Indonesia equity team who have capabilities and proven expertise in Indonesia capital market for more than decade through various market cycle. We are having direct access to our global network which benefit us in obtain information and managing the fund.




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