17DEC 2015

Outlook 2016: Business Cycle (Europe ex UK Equities)

We do not see a major turning point in the business cycle at this point, but the potential for inflation to return in Europe could see some currently out of favour areas of the market perform better in 2016.



11DEC 2015


Outlook 2016: Asian Fixed Income

The coming year will lay the foundation for attractive entry points to add risk in Asian bond markets, particularly once the US Federal Reserve (Fed) signals its trajectory for interest rate hikes.

10DEC 2015


Outlook 2016 – Business Cycle (UK Equities)

Do investors face showdown or slowdown in 2016?

10DEC 2015


Outlook 2016: Convertible Bonds

Volatility is likely to persist into 2016, but convertible bonds could be well suited to such a backdrop.

09DEC 2015


Outlook 2016: Greater China Equities

Against a backdrop of sluggish economic growth and anaemic earnings, the importance of bottom-up stock selection becomes even more imperative for 2016.

08DEC 2015


Outlook 2016: UK Commercial Real Estate

After a strong 2015, we expect performance across different parts of the real estate sectors to be more polarised in 2016.

07DEC 2015


Outlook 2016: Global Real Estate Securities

The potential for higher interest rates in 2016 is unsettling some investors, but we believe the right real estate securities are supported by a number of other factors.

04DEC 2015


Outlook 2016: Japanese Equities

Growth may have disappointed but improving corporate earnings continue to drive market sentiment.