Foreign Exchange

21APR 2016


Why now is not the time to follow the herd

Multi-Manager fund manager Joe Le Jéhan argues that it’s not time to be following market consensus as the first quarter of 2016 has cast doubts over a number of widely-accepted themes.

08APR 2016

Global Market Perspective

Q2 2016

Economic and asset allocation views covering Q2 2016. This includes our global growth update, 30-year return forecasts, and our research note assessing the risk of a US recession.

06APR 2016


Panic over, but what's next for markets?

Having recovered their composure after a tumultuous start to 2016, investors are now looking for a new catalyst, but what will it be and where next for markets?

06APR 2016


Quarterly markets review - Q1 2016

An overview of markets in Q1 2016, when emerging market equities outperformed their developed counterparts, supported by hopes of political change in Brazil.


01APR 2016

Economic and Strategy Viewpoint

April 2016

In this month's Viewpoint out top economists analyse the global economy and ask whether the panic is over, and what's next? They consider Brexit risks and whether now is the right time to buy emerging markets.

17MAR 2016


Multi-Asset Insights: Where next for the US dollar?

The latest Multi-Asset Insights looks at the impact of a strong dollar and why any further sharp appreciation might put pressure on global growth.

04MAR 2016


Monthly markets review - February 2016

A look back at markets in February 2016 when global equities registered negative returns and Japanese stocks underperformed.


22FEB 2016


Schroders Quickview: Brexit concerns hit sterling

Sterling has fallen sharply today against major currencies as global investors woke up to the risk of Brexit.

04FEB 2016


Monthly markets review: January 2016

An overview of markets in January 2016 when worries over growth in China and the US, as well as volatile oil prices, put significant pressure on global equities.