Annual Report and Accounts 2015

Creating long-term value
At Schroders, asset management is our only business and our goals are completely aligned with those of our clients – the creation of long-term value to assist them in meeting their future financial requirements.

We manage £313.5 billion on behalf of institutional and retail investors, financial institutions and high net worth clients from around the world, invested in a broad range of active strategies across equities, fixed income, multi-asset, alternatives and real estate.


Assets under management


(2014: £300.0 billion)

Net new business


(2014: £24.8 billion)

Profit before tax and exceptional items


(2014: £565.2 million)

Profit before tax


(2014: 517.1 million)

Shareholders' equity


(2014: £2.5 billion)

Basic earnings per share


(2014: 152.7p)

Total dividend per share


(2014: 78p)

Schroders at a glance

We have built a diversified business across client channels, asset classes and regions.


We manage assets on behalf of institutional and retail investors, financial institutions and high net worth clients from around the world. No single client accounts for more than 2% of revenues.

Assets under management by client

Institutional 58%

Intermediary 32%

Wealth Management 10%


We invest in a broad range of asset classes across equities, fixed income, multi-asset and emerging market debt, commodities and real estate. In addition to institutional segregated mandates, we manage over 590 funds in 19 countries.

Assets under management by asset class

Equities 41%

Multi-asset 25%

Fixed Income 19%

Emerging Market Debt, Commodities and Real Estate 4%

Wealth Management 10%


We operate from 38 offices in 28 countries, managing local and international investment products and solutions on behalf of local and international clients.

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Assets under management by client domicile

UK 41%

Europe, Middle East and Africa 21%

Asia Pacific 25%

Americas 13%


See what our Chairman, Chief Executive and Chief Financial Officer have to say about our performance in 2015.

Strategy and Business review

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Business Model

As one of the largest investment firms in Europe, we play an important role in helping our clients meet their financial goals as they seek to:

  • Provide for retirement, offset future liabilities and build pools of capital

We help a broad range of clients across three channels:

  • Institutional - pension schemes, sovereign wealth funds and insurance companies
  • Intermediary - banks, independent financial advisers and investment platforms
  • Wealth management - high net worth. individuals, charities and family offices

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Our strategic objectives

Our objectives are aligned with those of our clients and shareholders - to create sustainable value over the long term.

  • Delivering consistent and above average-performance
  • Building close relationships with clients
  • Ensuring operational efficiency
  • Retaining and developing a deep pool of talent
  • Investing in future growth opportunities

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Key Performance Indicators

Key Performance Indicators

We use a number of key performance indicators to measure our performance.

Find out how we performed in 2015


Lines of defence

Integrity and good conduct are central to our culture and approach to risk management.

Find out how we control and manage the risks


We have a robust and effective governance framework. It is the responsibility of all employees to uphold the control culture of Schroders and risk management is embedded within all areas of the business.

Our values of excellence, innovation, teamwork, passion and integrity underpin the behaviours we expect from our employees and Board members and are integral in everything that we do.

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Our Board of Directors 

Our Group Management Committee 

Market developments

2015 in review

2015 was a good year for Schroders, despite market uncertainty. After a strong start to the year, markets fell back on concerns over the impact of a hard landing in China, an interest rate rise in the US and slowing economic growth in developed markets. Against this backdrop, our results are testament to the strength of our diversified business and our long term approach.

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How markets performed in 2015 

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Schroders' 2015 in review 

Long-term industry trends

As a result of demographic changes, we have seen a number of long-term trends through 2015 that we expect to continue to grow in importance across Asset Management and Wealth Management.

Executive Vice-Chairman, Massimo Tosato
Long-term trends in Asset Management 

Group Head of Wealth Management, Philip Mallinckrodt
Long-term trends in Wealth Management 

Case studies

Data Insights team

Analysis of ‘big data’ could become a key differentiator.


Charities Investment Management

Our specialist charities team is the largest investment manager of charity assets in the UK.


Environment, Social and Governance

Delivering added value through analysis of ESG factors.


Strategic solutions

The Strategic Solutions team works closely with institutional clients to understand their needs, build tailored investment solutions and to help foster long-term trusted partnerships.



A focus within Distribution has been to develop our business and strategic partnerships with insurance companies around the world.


Our values

We strive for


We want to excel at what we do. We continually strive for better.

We work with


We challenge how things are done and anticipate future opportunities.


We work as one team to deliver excellent client service. We value the contribution of individuals and encourage healthy debate.

We have


We share a deep rooted enthusiasm for what we do. We demonstrate this through the dedication and energy we bring to servicing our clients.


We build strong relationships based on trust and confidentiality.


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