Board Committees

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The responsibilities of the Committee include:

  • Reviewing and approving the remuneration strategy and policies of the Group and the approach for use in the Group's annual Compensation Review;
  • Ensuring that performance related compensation arrangements support business strategy and provide an appropriate challenging balance between risk and reward;
  • Taking account of legislation, regulation, guidance and recommendations relating to remuneration and corporate governance;
  • Monitoring the level and structure of remuneration for senior management, including individual performance against objectives and recommending the remuneration of each of the executive Board members, and
  • Providing an annual report to the Board and shareholders of the Company's remuneration policy.

To ensure the Committee is adequately informed of risks facing the Group and the management of those risks, the Chairman of the Committee serves on the Audit and Risk Committee.

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Biographical information for all committee members, can be viewed on the Board pages

Remuneration Committee members

  • Matthew Westerman (Chairman)
  • Sir Damon Buffini
  • Rhian Davies
  • Ian King

Proposing appointments to the Board and recommending any other changes to the Board and its Committees fall within the responsibilities of the Committee. Other responsibilities include:

  • Reviewing the size and composition of the Board and its Committees;
  • Making recommendations to the Board with respect to the role, capabilities and time commitment for each appointment, giving due consideration to the balance of skills, experience and knowledge on the Board and the benefits of diversity;
  • The procedure for the appointment of new Directors;
  • Selecting and interviewing potential candidates for appointment to the Board and its Committees, for recommendation to the Board;
  • Identifying and recommending suitable candidates for the roles of Chairman and Senior Independent Director;
  • Developing and recommending appropriate criteria for Director independence;
  • Ensuring that plans are in place for orderly executive and non-executive succession to the Board;
  • Periodically reviewing the terms of appointment for non-executive Directors; and
  • Conducting an annual review of the Committee's performance, periodically reviewing the adequacy of its terms of reference and recommending any changes to the Board.

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Biographical information for all committee members, can be viewed on the Board pages

Nominations Committee members

  • Dame Elizabeth Corley (Chair)
  • Sir Damon Buffini
  • Rhian Davies
  • Claire Fitzalan Howard
  • Rakhi Goss-Custard
  • Ian King
  • Leonie Schroder
  • Deborah Waterhouse
  • Matthew Westerman

The Board has delegated to this Audit and Risk Committee responsibility for overseeing the financial reporting and internal control of the Group and for maintaining an appropriate relationship with the Company's auditors.

The Committee seeks to encourage and safeguard high standards of integrity, financial reporting, risk management and internal controls. 

Its responsibilities include:

Financial reporting related

  • Monitoring the content and integrity of financial reporting; and
  • Reviewing the appropriateness of accounting judgements.

External auditors

  • Reviewing the external auditors; and
  • Recommending the appointment of external auditors to the Board.

Risk and controls related

  • Reviewing the Group's risk and control framework;
  • Reviewing the Group's internal audit function;
  • Reviewing the Group's regulatory reporting procedures and relationships with regulators; and
  • Regularly considering emerging and thematic risks.

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Biographical information for all committee members, can be viewed on the Board pages

Audit and Risk Committee members

  • Rhian Davies (Chairman)
  • Rakhi Goss-Custard
  • Deborah Waterhouse
  • Matthew Westerman