Schroder SSF

Schroder SSF ActionEffective DateNotes
Fixed Maturity Bond VI

Change of distribution policy correction25/04/2022Shareholder letter
Managed Wealth Portfolio

Restructure30/03/2022Shareholder letter
Fixed Maturity Bond VIChange of distribution policy30/03/2022Shareholder letter
Schroder SSF

Deloitte appointment11/01/2022Shareholder letter
Restructure of J.P. Morgan Bank

Restructure of J.P. Morgan Bank Luxembourg S.A., the depositary and the administrator21/12/2021Fund notification
Fixed Maturity Bond 2022

Liquidation19/11/2021Shareholder letter
Schroder SSFNew bank details for Standing Settlement Instructions22/09/2021Shareholder letter
 All FundsSFDR change01/03/2021Shareholder letter
Schroder SSF Sterling Liquidity Plus

Change of Benchmark, Investment Objetive and Investment Policy13/11/2020Shareholder letter
Schroder Special Situations Fund

Update to Investment Objectives and Policies02/11/2020Shareholder letter
Managed Wealth Portfolio

Change of Investment Objective and Investment Policy03/06/2020Shareholder letter
International EquityClarification of Investment Policy03/06/2020Shareholder letter
All Funds

Annual General Meeting20/05/2020Shareholder letter
Sterling Liquidity PlusInvestment objective and policy change to comply with and reflect authorisation under the Money Market Funds Regulation.21/03/2019Shareholder letter  
All FundsIntroduction of Key Investor Information Documents (KIIDs) and Supplementary Information Documents replacing Simplified Prospectuses and Fund Information pages14/05/2012 

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