Welcome to Schroders

"I’m often asked how a two century-old business stays relevant in the modern world. It’s one of my favourite questions and one I always answer in the same way.

My response is that we’ve never forgotten that our business is all about our clients. By understanding their needs, anticipating how these will evolve in the future, and focusing on building wealth for them in the long-term, we have remained current, relevant and up-to-date.

Of course, appreciating what matters most to an individual client is just the start. We also invest in understanding the ever-changing environment. Both the big picture and the fine detail are important in this – that’s why we pride ourselves in having specialist teams with freethinking ideas. They give our clients a unique lens on the world and allow us to invest for them with conviction, take long-term decisions and seek sustainable returns.

Delivering long-term value demands powerful tools as well as deep insights. We have always tailored our investment strategies and solutions so that they are focused on protecting and growing our clients’ wealth. That means we’re tough with ourselves – designing and stress testing products and ideas at every turn and ruthlessly discarding anything that doesn’t measure up now or in the future.

Client focus, specialist teams, bespoke solutions – it’s a simple story that you’ll hear across our firm from my colleagues in every part of our business. All three are works in progress – constantly developed, tuned and delivered for our clients now and for the next two centuries. Constantly focused on their future prosperity."

Peter Harrison, Group Chief Executive