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Ant Fortune and Schroders jointly announce the launch of Investment Personality Test in China

Ant Fortune and Schroders today announce the joint launch of the Investment Personality Test, a digital tool that combines the science of behavioural finance and investment education, enabling investors in China to better understand how their personality could impact their investments.

The Investment Personality Test, developed by Schroders* and customised for Chinese investors by Ant Fortune, is accessible via their mobile Wealth Management platform and available through the Alipay app, a major payment and lifestyle platform. It will be accessible by selected users in the initial launch phase.  

The collaboration between Ant Fortune and Schroders in developing an innovative client centric mobile tool underlines their collective efforts to better serve end-investors, helping them stay focused on their long-term investment objectives.

The Investment Personality Test analyses investment personality, strengths and weaknesses, which will ultimately help users make more informed, well-rounded investment decisions. The collaboration is testament to Schroders’ commitment in working with on-the-ground partners in China to tailor services, solutions, and information that fit the local client’s needs.

Lieven Debruyne, CEO, Asia Pacific, Schroders said: “We recognise the importance of investor education and are pleased to have partnered with Ant Fortune to bring the Investment Personality Test to people in China. The combination of behavioural finance and investment educational content is what we believe will make the tool effective in raising financial literacy. Through this collaboration and our innovative offerings on one of China’s leading digital platforms, we are well-positioned to be the trusted expert who investors can rely on throughout their life-long investment journey.”

Zhang Yu, General Manager, Strategic Partnerships - Financial Institutions, Ant Fortune, said: “Ant Fortune’s core philosophy is combining Technology with Openness. As the asset management industry further develops and more collaborations occur, we are excited to partner with Schroders, a world-renowned industry player, to create more value by jointly bringing inclusive and convenient services to our users. Our collaboration with Schroders in introducing the Investment Personality  Test helps investors better understand themselves, and complements Ant Fortune’s goal of cultivating a stable, long-term investment mind-set amongst our users.”

David Guo, Head of China Business, Schroders said: “Schroders have had a presence in China since 1994, and have been closely aligned with the evolving Chinese financial market and the needs of investors. We are pleased to deepen our partnership with Ant Fortune with the launch of the Investment Personality Test. Exploring the impact of emotions in investment decision making alongside providing stronger educational content is what we believe will make this digital platform so effective in strengthening investor knowledge in China.”

At the core of the Investment Personality Test is an analysis tool that categorises users into four investment characters and shows them how they measure against nine behavioural traits. Users will be able to share their results with friends and family directly through the Alipay app or other social media channels after completing the test.


* The Investment Personality Test is based on Schroders’ investIQ, an educational platform which combines behavioural finance and investment education, developed by Schroders specifically for a consumer audience to help improve their knowledge and ultimately result in better, more informed and well-rounded decision-making. At its core sits the test which identifies the user’s investment character. investIQ comprises of various forms of content (videos, articles, infographics), covering a range of levels of investment knowledge, spanning the basics to more advanced investment concepts. For more information:

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