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Schroders announces latest GAIA UCITS offering with Two Sigma Advisers

Schroders is pleased to announce the launch of an externally-managed fund, Schroder GAIA Two Sigma Diversified, on its UCITS platform. The fund will be sub-advised by Two Sigma Advisers, LP, and launches on 24 August 2016.

The strategy, created by Two Sigma Advisers, LP, in collaboration with Schroders, will combine US equity market-neutral and global macro strategies. The fund aims to offer investors portfolio diversification through a liquid alternative strategy that intends to be uncorrelated to traditional equity and bond markets. The strategy will apply a scientific and algorithmic approach to investing across thousands of individual equities and hundreds of macro markets, allocating the majority of the fund to the equity market-neutral strategy.

Two Sigma Advisers, LP was launched in 2009 and together with its affiliates (“Two Sigma”) has built an innovative platform that combines extraordinary computing power, vast amounts of information, and advanced data science to produce breakthroughs in investment management and related fields. Two Sigma employs more than 1000 people, including more than 150 PhDs.

Geoff Duncombe, Chief Investment Officer of Two Sigma Advisers, LP said: 

“Two Sigma’s platform approach leverages data and technology expertise to create solutions that meet the needs of diverse investor groups. We are thrilled to partner with Schroders, which has built a preeminent UCITS platform, to bring investors portfolio diversifiers that seek to deliver controlled volatility, low correlation to markets, and attractive risk-adjusted returns.”

Eric Bertrand, Head of Schroders GAIA, said:

We continue to see very strong demand for liquid alternative investment strategies, as clients seek to diversify their portfolios. We’re delighted to partner with Two Sigma to launch this newly created strategy specifically tailored to meet these needs, with the aim of delivering alpha. Two Sigma has a strong reputation in the field due to its leading technology expertise and creative, research-driven approach, which allows the firm to design and evolve intelligent systematic strategies.”


Schroder GAIA and Schroder GAIA II combine the strength of Schroders’ renowned asset management expertise and extensive distribution capability with leading hedge fund managers.

Schroder GAIA Two Sigma Diversified will launch on the Schroder GAIA UCITS platform. Schroders now has nine funds on the two GAIA platforms, eight managed by external hedge fund managers (Schroders GAIA Two Sigma Diversified, Schroder GAIA Egerton Equity, Schroder GAIA Sirios US Equity, Schroder GAIA Paulson Merger Arbitrage, Schroder GAIA BSP Credit, Schroder GAIA BlueTrend, Schroder GAIA Indus PacifiChoice and Schroder GAIA II NGA Turnaround) and one managed internally (Schroder GAIA Cat Bond).

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Two Sigma:

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Two Sigma:

Two Sigma is a technology company dedicated to finding value in the world’s data. Since the founding of Two Sigma Investments, LP in 2001, Two Sigma has built an innovative platform that combines extraordinary computing power, vast amounts of information, and advanced data science that aims to produce breakthroughs in investment management, insurance, and related fields. As of August 1, 2016, Two Sigma manages approximately $37 billion in assets, employs more than 1000 people, and has offices in New York, Hong Kong, Houston, and London. For more information, please visit

Schroder GAIA Two Sigma Diversified risk factors:  A rise in interest rates generally causes bond prices to fall. A decline in the financial health of an issuer could cause the value of its bonds to fall or become worthless. A failure of a deposit institution or an issuer of a money market instrument could create losses. Equity prices fluctuate daily, based on many factors including general, economic, industry or company news. The fund can be exposed to different currencies. Changes in foreign exchange rates could create losses. The fund uses derivatives for leverage, which makes it more sensitive to certain market or interest rate movements and may cause above-average volatility and risk of loss. A derivative may not perform as expected, and may create losses greater than the cost of the derivative. The counterparty to a derivative or other contractual agreement or synthetic financial product could become unable to honour its commitments to the fund, potentially creating a partial or total loss for the fund.  In difficult market conditions, the fund may not be able to sell a security for full value or at all. This could affect performance and could cause the fund to defer or suspend redemptions of its shares. Emerging markets, and especially frontier markets, generally carry greater political, legal, counterparty and operational risk. Failures at service providers could lead to disruptions of fund operations or losses.

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