Schroders continues to address workplace mental health according to the City Mental Health Alliance’s annual Thriving at Work Assessment

Schroders remains committed to supporting the mental health and wellbeing of its employees, reflected in the City Mental Health Alliance’s (CHMA) annual Thriving at Work Assessment in which Schroders was awarded an Achieving accreditation.

The assessment highlights Schroders’ comprehensive approach to engendering a culture of wellbeing and psychological safety, with an improvement score of 82% from 2019. Specifically, Schroders’ communication and engagement, aimed at promoting an open dialogue, providing support, challenging the stigma surrounding mental health and promoting inclusion of all employees, was given a score of 93%.  

In addition, Schroders exceeded the industry average, scoring 49 out of 53, for its provision of a working environment that encourages healthy lifestyle behaviours and mitigates against any identified risk to mental health.

Schroders’ highest score was for transparency and accountability around internal and external reporting on the organisation’s commitment and action to workplace mental health, for which Schroders scored 100%.

The CMHA’s Thriving at Work assessment helps organisations to measure their progress as they work to build mentally healthy workplaces. It is based on the evidence-based standards set out in the CMHA’s Thriving at Work Guide for organisations to work towards in developing their mental health and wellbeing strategies.

This year, the Standards were updated to introduce the integration of mental health across the employee lifecycle, driving best practice across the ecosystem, for example through supplier engagement and a stronger focus on inclusion and diversity.

Emma Holden, Global Head of Human Resources, Schroders, commented:

“We absolutely cannot ignore mental health, and the prevalence of mental illness in our communities. We have an opportunity within the workplace to address this through providing support and by fostering a positive and inclusive working environment.

“At Schroders, our people are central to the ongoing success of the business, and as an employer we believe that we have a responsibility to our employees across the entire firm to do our best in supporting their mental and physical health. Mental health is a core part of our People and Corporate Responsibility strategies, and with the additional pressures that Covid-19 has brought to individuals and their families, it has become even more paramount.

“As an organisation we have been very mindful to take a holistic approach and ensure our commitment to mental health and wellbeing is represented in our wider business strategies including how we conduct our business and invest.

We aim to do this through providing a comprehensive calendar of events across five key areas: mind, workplace, body, financial and work-life balance. We also offer extensive support for mental health; from resilience and mental health training to self-care events available to our employees all over the world. Towards the end of 2019, we signed the new Mental Health at Work Commitment, which provides a framework of standards to create a working environment for employees to thrive.

 “We are proud that the significant strides which we have taken in this area have been reflected in this year’s CMHA’s Thriving at Work Assessment; however, we know that more works needs to be done. By continuing to build on our ongoing initiatives and wellbeing campaigns our aim is that we beat the stigmas so often attached to mental health, and together, we create a diverse and inclusive culture that facilitates personal growth.

“Schroders remains committed to retaining and attracting talent, and in order to do this we recognise that we need to take meaningful steps towards addressing mental health and wellbeing.”