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Schroders Gender Pay Disclosure Report

Schroders was proud to be one of the first FTSE 100 companies to voluntarily disclose its gender pay data in 2017. Today, we are pleased to publish the data for the third consecutive year.

Our gender pay gap is driven by structural challenges that we are committed to addressing. Recognising that we have a lack of women in senior management, last year we increased our target percentage for women in senior management roles to 33% and set our timeline to achieve that as the end of 2019. As of the end of February 2019, we were just 1% off this target, with ten months to go. Our 7% increase in this level of female representation since the end of 2015 is a real example of our persistent steps towards greater diversity.

We are actively working to address our role representation gap, as well as diversity and inclusion more broadly, through new recruitment methods, better policies, unconscious bias training, clear targets and employee-focused business changes like flexible working, regardless of gender.

Schroders’ ambition is to be a sector leader in both our numbers and the transparency of our reporting. Schroders was one of the first companies to sign the Women in Finance Charter, which is a commitment to building a more gender-balance workforce. 

We firmly believe that asset management is an attractive place for female talent and Schroders is determined to continue making real progress towards greater diversity and inclusion. Demonstrating this, Schroders’ plc Board will be 45% female by early May 2019.

Schroders global and UK figures represent that diversity and gender pay across the business are improving but we also recognise that more work is required. 

Diversity and inclusion are championed at all levels of the firm, with Group Chief Executive Peter Harrison the most senior sponsor of these efforts, we also have the full support and commitment of our Executive Team and the Board.

Schroders has also set targets for each Group Management Committee member and their respective business areas to help with our efforts.

Click here for our full 2018 Gender Pay Disclosure Report.


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