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Schroders launches Global Multi-Asset Fund for UK investors

Schroders is launching a global multi-asset income fund to offer more flexibility and choice for those investors seeking income as they approach and go into retirement.

The fund is due to launch on 19th December 2014. It will adopt the same investment strategy as the existing Luxembourg fund, Schroder ISFi Global Multi-Asset Income, which has assets under management of £4.0bn1.

The Schroder Global Multi-Asset Income Fund will be managed by the Multi-Asset team, who currently manage the offshore version of the fund. The team consists of over 100 investment professionals worldwide who currently manage over £60bn2 in assets across a number of global strategies, including £6.8bn3 in income strategies.

The fund aims to deliver regular sustainable income payments and superior risk adjusted returns. It targets a distribution payment of 4-6% (not guaranteed) per annum in monthly instalments and will target a total return of 7% (not guaranteed) per annum with a target volatility between 5-7% p.a. with a maximum of 10% p.a. The investment strategy focuses on investing in high yielding and high quality global fixed income and global equity securities.

Robin Stoakley, Managing Director UK Intermediary said:

“The pension reforms announced by the Government in the 2014 budget will mean an increase in choice and flexibility for those approaching retirement. The proposed changes also highlight investors’ need for solutions which generate levels of income above current cash returns and offer the potential to protect and grow capital. We believe the Schroder Global Multi-Asset Income Fund is ideally suited to meet the needs of these investors. The distribution yield will be attractive to those investors seeking consistent income, whilst its multiasset approach provides greater diversification than is typically available from conventional bond, equity or balanced mandates.”

i Schroder International Fund is referred to as Schroder ISF

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Notes to Editors

What are the risks of investing in the fund? The government or company issuer of a bond might not be able to repay either the interest or the original loan amount and therefore default on the debt. This would affect the credit rating of the bond and, in turn, the value of the fund. Investment in bonds and other debt instruments including related derivatives is subject to interest rate risk. The value of the fund may go down if interest rates rise and vice versa. The fund may invest in higheryielding, or non-investment grade, bonds. The risk of the issuer defaulting on the capital repayment is higher than with investment grade bonds. The fund can use derivatives for investment purposes. These instruments can be more volatile than investment in equities or bonds. Potential investors in emerging markets should be aware that this can involve a higher degree of risk. The fund holds investments denominated in currencies other than sterling, changes in exchange rates will cause the value of these investments, and the income from them, to rise or fall. The income and capital growth targets are estimate and not guaranteed. If the fund’s income is not enough to cover the regular income payments, they may be sourced from your capital. The value of your capital can therefore be eroded and you may not get back the amount you invested. As a result of all fees being charged to capital, the distributable income of the fund may be higher but there is the potential that performance or capital value may be eroded.

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