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Schroders unveils Multi-Asset strategy for all economic environments

Schroders is today announcing the launch of its Strategic Beta Fund, an innovative multi-asset fund that aims to deliver stable performance in a variety of market environments.

Strategic Beta is managed by Matthias Scheiber, Multi-Asset Fund Manager, and is designed to target a return of sterling cash plus 3% p.a. over rolling 5 year periods. It invests in a broad range of assets and uses a risk weighting approach to create a more diversified portfolio.

Matthias Scheiber, Multi-Asset Fund Manager, comments:

“The Strategic Beta Fund uses our Multi-Asset philosophy of building portfolios that focus on risk allocations. It benefits from a balanced exposure to economic growth, inflation, and defensive assets, as well as strategies that capture behavioural and other market inefficiencies. Strategic Beta is an unconstrained application of our risk-based investment philosophy. It uses an active approach in seeking to generate returns in strong markets and aims to protect the capital value in weak markets. ”

Matthias joined Schroders in 2011 as a Multi-Asset Fund Manager. He plays a leading role alongside a team of over 100 investment professionals based throughout the world collectively managing over US$83 billion in clients’ assets (as at 30 September 2013).

Mark Humphreys, Head of UK Strategic Solutions, comments:

“Pension schemes are looking for ways to generate growth above their liabilities without taking on too much risk. The Strategic Beta Fund’s diversification across a number of risk factors should help to smooth the path of returns for investors, and its active approach provides flexibility to generate stable returns under different market conditions. In an environment characterised by uncertainty, we believe the Strategic Beta Fund can help UK pension schemes achieve positive returns in a risk-controlled manner.”

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