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UK investors pop patriotic bubble as 88% express concerns for year ahead

UK is in top three European countries with highest proportion of worried investors 

Almost nine in ten UK investors (88%) expect various financial issues to cause them concern over the next year. Their biggest worry is the impact of inflation (33%) with more than one in four investors (27%) also concerned about how they will cope with the prospect of rising taxes and austerity measures according to new research from the Schroders European Wealth Index.

Given the widespread debate over the ‘patriotic bubble’ and the combined impact that the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee celebrations and the 2012 Olympic games will have on boosting economic and consumer confidence, the new data suggests affluent investors still have significant concerns over the state of the economy and investment outlook.

The UK was among the top three countries across Europe with the highest proportion of investors who expected financial issues to cause them concern over the coming year (88%). Italy came top (91%) followed by Spain (88%). At the other end of the scale only 8% of UK investors expected to be concerned about how to manage their debts.

Top 5 concernsUKEurope
1. Impact of inflation on their general standard of living 33% 19%
2. Managing to achieve meaningful growth with their investments and savings 28% 24%
3. Coping with rising taxes and economic austerity measures 27% 24%
4. General economic instability & social unrest in their country 24% 23%
5. Deciding which areas of lifestyle to make cut backs on 19% 10%

Source: Schroders European Wealth Index – April 2012

The latest Schroders research is part of an annual study that tracks the outlook and habits of 1,341 affluent investors across 12 countries at a time when Europe is going through a period of major transition.

Peter Beckett, Head of International Marketing at Schroders, said:

“Whilst this summer’s patriotic events give people reason to feel upbeat, investors have not taken their eyes off important economic realities. Our research shows that investors across Europe have taken steps in the last year to take more control over their financial planning. Whilst this is positive, our new data also underlines that investors are still living with unprecedented economic uncertainty and this shows in their financial worries looking ahead. The ability to achieve growth on investments and improve returns are the overriding issues for many UK investors and exploring new opportunities to make money work harder continues to be important.”

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Notes to Editors

Additional tables are available upon request. The research was undertaken by YouGov in April 2012 among a representative sample of 1,341 affluent investors spanning 12 European countries. These comprised: Germany, Austria, Sweden, Switzerland, Spain, Netherlands, Belgium, Italy, France, Portugal, Israel and the UK. The affluent investor sample was defined as people with invested assets, excluding primary residence, of €60,000 (or the equivalent amount).

The survey questions of allocation of income asked investors to think about their current total household income and to indicate what proportion they spent (including monthly outgoings such as rent, socializing, bills and shopping), saved (in savings or deposit accounts), invested (into financial products, property or into a pension) and also the amount they allocated to service debts (credit cards, loans and mortgage payments). Respondents were asked to write a percentage next to each of these four options relating to the last month (adding up to 100%).

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