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Waves of change: Schroders steps up single-use plastic awareness efforts

This week we’re making it clear that everyone has a role to play in looking after our planet for future generations by unveiling four turtle replicas – made from the single-use plastic waste from our London office. These recycled plastic turtles are a daily reminder of the mostly unnecessary plastic we all use and discard.

Positioned in full view inside Schroders’ London reception and outside the main entrance in the water feature, these four turtle models represent the damage that single-use plastic has on sea life and the pollution they bring to our seas.

As well as awareness we also hope to help the fundraising efforts for Plastic Oceans UK, famous for its Netflix documentary A Plastic Ocean. The charity aims to stop plastic reaching the sea within a generation through its programmes of education, science and sustainability.

It is estimated that at least eight[1] million tonnes of plastic enter the world’s oceans each year, over 16%[2] of seabirds in the world have become snared in plastic while 75%[3] of seabirds have ingested plastic at some time. Every year, the River Thames alone carries 18 tonnes of plastic pollution into our oceans[4].

Jessica Ground, Schroders’ Global Head of Stewardship, commented:

“Schroders is committed to reducing our impact on the environment. We are aware that building a sustainable world requires a combined effort from us as employees, investors and as a company.

“We integrate our sustainability research into the way we invest across asset classes and geographies. We use our insights to inform decisions in all investment areas including equities, fixed income and real estate. It’s integral to everything we do.

“By transforming attitudes, behaviours and practices regarding the use and value of plastics, we are hoping to significantly reduce our own usage of single-use plastic, as well as supporting society’s broader efforts to do so.”

As part of Schroders’ ongoing commitment to the environment, we have dramatically reduced the use of single-use plastic in our London office and across our group globally. Last year Schroders replaced single-use plastics in its restaurants with vegware, a plant-based material which gets recycled with food and turned into compost. Schroders continually reviews where plastic can be replaced with sustainable alternatives.

Earlier this year, Schroders signed up to the City of London’s Plastic Free City initiative. This aims to help businesses, workers, residents and visitors across the Square Mile reduce their reliance on unnecessary single-use plastics by signing up to a number of pledges.

Please click here to donate money to Plastic Oceans UK and here to find out more about Schroders’ Sustainability investment capability.

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