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Schroder Investment Management (Europe) S.A. (SIM Europe) and Schroder Investment Management Ltd. (SIM Ltd) assist in the investment business of Schroders in Europe.

This website is provided by Schroder Investment Management GmbH. In the following, Schroder Investment Management (Europe) S.A., Schroder Investment Management Ltd and Schroder Investment Management GmbH will be designated as “we”, “us” or “our”.

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Performance in the past is not a compelling indication of future developments. The value of an investment and the resulting income may go both up and down, and it is possible that investors may not receive the amount originally invested. The performance figures of the past published on this website are not an indication of future performance. Exchange rates may fluctuate and result in the value of an investment abroad increasing or decreasing. Tax levels and reductions may change. The above mentioned tax reductions are current values depending on the situation of individual investors. Investments in emerging countries are associated with a high risk. Investments in the sub-funds specified here should be made only after reading the sales brochure carefully. The information contained on these pages is neither part of an agreement nor should it be used as a basis for contract purposes.

The information on this website is not a request to subscribe to fund shares. Subscription and issue of shares can take place only on the basis of the current sales brochure of a fund and the current audited annual financial statement (and the subsequent non-audited half-year report if published). Copies of the current sales brochure of the company and the current audited annual financial report may be obtained free of charge from Schroder Investment Management (Europe) S.A. or the payment and information offices in Germany (UBS Deutschland AG, OpernTurm, Bockenheimer Landstrasse 2–4, 60306 Frankfurt am Main, and Schroder Investment Management GmbH, Taunustor 2, 60310 Frankfurt am Main [information office only]).

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Source: MSCI
The information obtained from MSCI or other third parties and contained in the reports made available on this website is exclusively intended for your internal use. It must not be reproduced or disseminated in any form and must not be used for creating financial instruments or products or indices. The MSCI information and third-party data are provided on the assumption that they are correct and the user of such information assumes the full risk associated with such use. MSCI, its associated companies and other persons involved in or connected to the collection, calculation and preparation of MSCI information (collectively the “MSCI parties”) and other third parties do not accept any liability (including, among other things, liability for authenticity, correctness, completeness, up-to-dateness, non-infringing nature, fitness and suitability for a certain purpose) for such information. Without prejudice to what has been said above, MSCI or other third parties can under no circumstance be held liable for direct, indirect or special damages, consequential damages (including all lost profits) and other damages.

Information about Schroder Investment Management GmbH

General information

Taunustor 1 (Taunus Turm)
60310 Frankfurt am Main, Germany
Tel. + 49 69 97 57 17 0
Telefax: + 49 69 97 57 17 302

Information by the company regarding the status-related obligatory information on Schroder Investment Management GmbH pursuant to Sec. 12 FinVermV

Registered in the commercial register pursuant to Sec. 34f (5) GewO under register no. D-F-125-JNQ4-49 ( with a permit to operate as a financial investment broker pursuant to Sec. 34 f (1) sentence 1 no. 1 GewO.

Permit granted by the following official authority IHK Frankfurt am Main, Börsenplatz 4, 60313 Frankfurt (

Managing Director: Achim Küssner

Main business

The object of the company is brokering deals and demonstrating the opportunity of contracts on the acquisition of foreign investment fund shares and the marketing thereof.

Issuers and providers regarding the financial investments of which Schroder Investment Management GmbH offers brokering and consultancy services:

Schroder Investment Management GmbH offers brokering and consultancy services on foreign investment fund shares only for such investment fund shares issued by associated companies of the Schroders Group.

Commercial register / tax number: Local Court of Frankfurt am Main HRB 45298; VAT ID: DE195395876

Information on managing conflicts of interest

In accordance with statutory requirements, we will inform you in the following about the extensive precautions we have taken with regard to managing possible conflicts of interest. In this respect, we also refer to our business association with Schroder Investment Management (Europe) S.A. and Schroder Investment Management Ltd. (hereinafter called “Schroders” jointly with Schroder Investment Management GmbH).


In connection with rendering the above-mentioned services to our clients, Schroder Investment Management GmbH is committed to observing the highest ethical standards and principles. As a rule, the interests of our customers come first and the business rules and processes of Schroders regarding the management of possible conflicts of interests are designed to ensure that these interests are adequately taken into account.


To satisfy these requirements and to protect our customer relations, Schroders has established business rules and processes (so-called procedures) which show how employees can identify potential conflicts of interests, examine them diligently and take measures to manage such conflicts. All Schroders employees are obliged to comply with these procedures. Moreover, they must not even indirectly act in breach of such procedures.

Schroders will use its best efforts to ensure that potential conflicts are identified and handled appropriately and efficiently. The objective is avoidance of conflicts, among other things by establishing information barriers (so-called Chinese Walls) so as to avoid the dissemination of information that might cause conflicts of interests, independent action in an appropriate scope and – to the extent conflicts of interests cannot be ruled out – appropriate disclosure of the conflict to the client.

Identification of possible conflicts of interests

Conflicts of interests may arise between you and Schroder Investment Management GmbH, other companies of the Schroder Group, our management, employees and other individuals tied to us by contracts, or between our clients.

In particular, conflicts of interests may arise in connection with:

  • Marketing investment fund shares based on Schroders’ interests in selling financial instruments;
  • Payments or gifts from or to third parties in connection with security transaction services for you;
  • Remuneration of Schroders dependent or based on the number of security transactions or performance;
  • Performance-related remuneration of employees and brokers;
  • Gifts or payments to our employees or brokers; or
  • Other activities of the Schroders Group, for example its own investment funds.

The above list of examples for potential conflicts of interests does not claim to be complete.

Measures to avoid conflicts of interests

Our company has an independent compliance department for which company management is directly responsible. This department is in charge of monitoring the identification, avoidance and management of conflicts of interests by the different divisions. In detail, we take the following measures:

  • Establishment of management directives and processes to ensure fair or equal treatment of all clients;
  • Rules regarding the acceptance of payments and disclosure of the acceptance and granting of payments;
  • Creation of zones of confidentiality by establishing information barriers, separation of responsibilities and/or spatial separation;
  • Disclosure of security transactions of the employees to the compliance department where conflicts of interests may arise in connection with their activities;
  • Training of our staff.

Measures for managing conflicts of interests

Schroders has found that potential conflicts of interests, which we may not be able to solve, may occur in the following situations: We may receive payments from the funds companies in connection with brokering and marketing investment fund shares. Among other things, these may be sales-related payments made to us by the funds companies from the management fees they have received. Acceptance of such payments or gifts serves to provide efficient and high quality infrastructure for the purchase and sale of financial instruments. In connection with our business activities, we receive free benefits from other service providers such as training. The acceptance of such benefits is not directly related to the services we rendered to you. We use these benefits to render our services in the excellent quality you expect and to improve them on a continuous basis. In this connection, conflicts of interests may arise which we cannot rule out as a matter of principle. Conflicts of interest, which cannot be worded or fully resolved, will be disclosed to the client participating in the transaction before a deal is made or advice given.

Upon request, we will gladly provide detailed information on the above-mentioned principles.

Information on payments or gifts

In connection with its brokering services, Schroders Investment Management GmbH receives a part of the net earnings from SIM Ltd, which SIM Ltd has earned from transactions brokered by Schroder Investment Management.

For all marketing services rendered to SIM Europe, SIM GmbH will receive a share of the net earnings from fund shares regarding which Schroder Investment Management GmbH has rendered services.

In addition, we receive free benefits from SIM Ltd. in connection with our business activities such as training.